Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday, September 16, 2013

The second grade students have been busy creating their self-portraits.  The following two images are from students in the self-contained special education classroom. We will be creating watercolor landscapes as the background and the portraits will hang next to the student interviews in their classroom. 

Some images of the students as they work on the portraits:

Room 108 created a class alphabet to hang on the wall.  They drew letters and traced them with brightly colored glue during their Reggio Inquiry block on Friday.  Today, I took a group to the studio to cut out the letters, mount them on black paper, trace the pencil lines with glue and decorate them with glitter. The photos don't really do the letters justice- they are so sparkly and beautiful in person.

Both pre-k classes met in the studio today to work on their letter walls.  The students in 101 created letters by forming lines out of modeling clay and then pressing the clay lines into the shape of the letters. There were traces of leftover glitter on the table and the glitter came off on the clay when they rolled it. This was very exciting and led to the addition of extra glitter.  The students in 103 were introduced to tempera painting and demonstrated how to hold the brush and go slowly in order to paint their letters in a very neat manner. 

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