Thursday, April 30, 2015

Month of April 2015

This has been an extremely busy month for Bilingual Center School 33. We had a week-long break, portfolio reviews, scoring days. It went by quickly, but it was difficult to publish it all on the blog.

Pre-K has been getting artwork ready for the district art show. I assisted with some of the classes. 103 created animals, 101 made an ocean scene and 106 created a tree in Springtime.

In my room, we finished up with the lines that make up animals and started to take nature hikes to see lines outside in nature. This led to the creation of an alphabet book for 103. The students noticed that some sticks were shaped like the letter "Y" and that some sticks fell to the ground in a way that make them look like an "X". This made them wonder what other letters they could find. Soon, we were on race around the schoolyard, finding and making letters. I printed the photographs on the copier and the students used colored pencil to color only the letter. The results are pretty cool!

Kindergarten finished working on their murals and created pamphlets describing the animals who live in the biomes.

TR- What is this? 
Carlos- a beach!
Miguel- No, a habitat.
TR- What is a habitat? 
Miguel- where different animals live.

Me- This is the Savanna. La sabana. Who lives here?
Miguel- zebras
Ava- Lions
Carlos- Some kinds of deer and crocodiles? 
Miguel- Tigers?
Carlos- Rhinos! 
Ava- Birds
Angela- Bees

Me- What do you see in these photos of the Savanna? 
Angela- Grass
Miguel- Trees, mountains. Maybe that's a volcano!
Luneska- Water! 
Emmanuel- That water is a river.

Me- Did you make an animal that lives in the savanna? 
Carlos- I made a bird. It lives in the woods. 
Angela- I made an elephant. 
Me-Where does it live?
Emmanuel- In the zoo! 

We watch a video on Animals of the Savanna to see if we're correct in our knowledge of savanna animals. It mentions that elephants eat plants and vegetables.
Emmanuel- Elephants are vegetarians!

Miguel- That's a girl lion.
Me- How do you know?
Miguel- In the Lion King, it talked like a girl lion. Boy lions have this big mane.