Monday, October 3, 2016

October, 2016


We are continuing to foster experiences with line, while adding in shape and color.  The students printed with shapes on their acetate line painting. We used primary colors. One student exclaimed, "Hey! Yellow and blue made green!" which was the perfect segway into color. We hung these on their window.

The next experience we called, "a science experiment with color" and we mixed liquid watercolors to create secondary colors. The students then painted with the colors and verbally dictated stories about their work.

On Friday, I set up a provocation on color. I laid out a large piece of paper on the table and had six children sit around it. Each child was given one of the primary colors, so that when their paint mixed, it would create a secondary color. I thought this would make color mixing quite tangible. They started adding lines and it was incredible to see them experiment with lines and shapes. "I made circles! Look!"

Kindergarten is continuing to study shadows. We are creating shadow puppets out of black construction paper. We will use these to tell stories.

Students use their hands to create shadow puppets.