Friday, June 13, 2014

Thursday and Friday, June 12-13, 2014

Yesterday was field day at School #33.  The students spent the entire day in various team-building activities like soccer, a walk-a-thon, painting stones, playing in a bounce house and more.

Today, the first graders and I spent the day at Becker Farms.  Most of the students have never had the opportunity to pick their own fruit or vegetables, so we were taking them strawberry picking.  It was a late season for strawberries here and we were worried that they wouldn't be ready, but it turned out that we were the first group to pick this year!!!

We started the tour in the old barn. 

You could see goats and a pond from the barn window.

The students learned about what the farmers do.

Then we rode on a wagon.

The wagon took us down the road... the strawberry fields.

The students quickly spread out around the field,
looking for the best strawberries.

We saw a tiny friend on the strawberry plant.

A little ladybug! 

Every student picked a container full of strawberries!

I thought the strawberry plants were beautiful.

After strawberry picking, we got to feed the animals! 

We found many baby toads.

The girls found a "mama" toad and decided to reunite her with the
 After lunch, we had time to play on the playground!

There was a tiny turtle who was difficult to photograph.

And lots of fish! 

J was quietly searching for toads.

This was a great trip!  One of the students who never really speaks was so animated on the ride from the strawberry fields.  I've never heard him talk so much!  Being out in nature, seeing how the food they get from the supermarket is grown, seeing animals, interacting with the environment- these things are so valuable and create lasting memories for children. Once again, I'm grateful to be able to interact and capture these moments.  The "mama frog" story was a delightful experience. I hope they will document that with me as they reflect on the trip. 

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